You may be Playing at Christianity if…..

Not sure where I came across this. I found it today in a drawer where I put stuff I print for one reason or another. Copy it, save it, use it to check yourself once in a while. I think I’ll pin it to my bathroom mirror.
You may be playing at Christianity if you…

This is not what God IntendedPray in King James
Think God is a republican
Think God is a democrat
Put your country over your faith
Care more about the baby inside of the womb than you do the child outside of the womb
Are homophobic
Have no friends that are not Christian
Only hang out with church folk
Try to change people to look and act like you
Believe the Kingdom of God is for the future
Go to church to stay out of hell and eventually go to heaven when you die
Minister only within the walls of a church building and the confines of a service, program or event
Spend all of your available time in church activity instead of point of need ministry
Give money to a church building program and neglect the poor in your community
Do not stand for faith and justice
Read Christian books and not the Bible
Believe your theology is the only one that is 100% accurate
Believe your denomination is “The Denomination”
Believe your church is “The Church”
Believe that the “house church” is what God intended for the church
Believe that the “institutional church” is what God intended for the church
Do not love God with everything you have
Do not love ALL people regardless of race, gender, economic status or sexual orientation
Walked an aisle and repeated a prayer after a person instead of denying yourself, taking up your cross and following Jesus
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