The Mega-Church vs. The Micro-Church

It seems everyone has an opinion on the motives and validity of the Mega church. Some feel they are nothing more that profit-driven Sunday circuses, while others see them as phenomenally successful at bringing in new believers who might not have attended church before. There’s the rock concert like feeling and the anonymity of being one of a thousand hiding in the seats in the darkened auditorium listening for the first time, perhaps to God’s word being spoken.
Then there’s the music. Surprising! Not at all like what you expected. It’s as catchy in some instances as anything playing on your local radio station. By the time the service is concluded, you’re ready for just about anything! You want me to give my life to Jesus? No problem! Where do I sign?
Okay, we all know the parable of the seeds and the sower. You know, how the sower cast his seed onto the field and some landed in fertile ground and some in shallow soil and even others among the rocks by the side of the road.  Taking that first leap of faith can be just like that. It’s what we do AFTER we pray that first prayer that determines just where the seeds Jesus cast in our field have landed. I have no doubt that although mega-churches can claim multiple conversions on any given Sunday, not all of them stick for very long.
On the other hand, the micro-church can go several Sundays in a row without a single hand being seen during that call. Speaking from personal experience, it seems that those few that do raise their hand tend to go farther down that path of faith than those caught up in the spectacle of the mega-church. 
Maybe down the road some of those who answered that call at the end of the service at a mega-church eventually find their way to a small, intimate church that can provide the personal connection that we all need in the Body of Christ. I have no doubt that God uses both of these venues to reach out to the world with His message, and, in the end, it is each of us, individually, who will answer that one question that comes at the end of all things; “What did YOU do about My Son Jesus?”