So I discovered that I’m not the only one who…

Yeah, I know, haven’t been here in a while. Haven’t wrote anything in a while either. I’m the type of writer who only writes when she’s inspired and truthfully, life hasn’t been that inspiring lately. I’ve been reading a lot. I managed to read some books that I have been wanting to read for a long time. One of the best was Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. Probably most of the country has heard of it or read it by now (I’ve always been the one who shows up late for the party).
I read this book in one day and the whole time I felt like I was reading about myself. Do I feel like I am the star of the movie? Yes. Do I get annoyed by unscripted people and events? You bet! Do I feel like I’m unlovable? Daily, and I also identify completely with the desire to distance myself from organized “Christianity” as my parents knew it. I could go on about all of the things that pierced me when I read this but maybe you should just read, or re-read this book and find your own favorite nuggets.
I envy the wordsmiths. I envy words. So flexible and creative, you put this one here, that one there and you have “A”. Only switch this one for that one and suddenly you have “B+z and d”. A word can be anything. A wordsmith makes them dance to his tune even when he’s long gone. I am not a wordsmith. Just a woman in love with words who is going about the business of falling in love with THE Word. 

Don Miller is a wordsmith with a romantic heart. he woos you into falling in love with the story. I think I’d like to follow him around for a week just to pick his brain and learn how he does that. But, then again, what I really need to do is find my own voice. It’s what we all need to do. Even if we never write a sentence.

I’m sure there are tons of reviews out there by now about Blue Like Jazz and they all will tell you of the highlights of the content, the remarkable style of writing, the innovative “voice” he writes in. All of it’s true. So I don’t see any reason to repeat those words. All I want to say is that it is painfully good. I saw myself reflected in the pages of a book for the first time and suddenly I realized I was not alone.

Thank you Donald Miller and thank you God for leading me to this book.