Book Review: Nora Gallagher’s “The Sacred Meal”

Book Review: The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher

I think most of us can relate to the feeling of going through the motions sometimes when we come to the communion table. With our heads filled with the hymns or contemporary songs sung by the worship leader or church choir along with our plans for the rest of our Sunday and what might be happening between two football teams, it’s easy to forget why we’re there.
Reading Nora Gallagher’s book The Sacred Meal certainly gave me new insights into this most Christian of practices and prompted me to re-evaluate my state of mind when next I found myself holding that tiny cup and piece of bread. In her book, Gallagher states, “When we all show up and do our part, we are the Sacrament, the Body of Christ.” It never occurred to me to think of myself as part of something larger at that moment. She talks about standing in the line waiting for her turn to take communion and finding herself standing next to a woman she “wasn’t speaking to”. How many of us can relate?
There may be practical differences in the way that the writer takes communion and my own way, but the message of this book is not about the differences in the practice but the commonalities found in all Christian churches that engage in this practice. This alone helped me to in many ways grow closer to the people of my own church and the Body of Christ as a whole.
All in all Ms. Gallagher’s book gave me great insight into my own approach to Communion and those I take it with. If you are seeking a deeper meaning in your Christian journey I recommend it. I also found the study guide at the back of the book very helpful in evaluating my own heart not only while taking communion but why I take it and what baggage I bring with me.Coming soon! a review of Jeff Kinley’s Christian Zombie-Killer’s Handbook (yes, I said Zombie-Killers).