Oh, Look! Another Book Review: The Christian Zombie Killer’s Handbook by Jeff Kinley

I’ve just been cranking out the reviews lately! Actually, I thought it would take me my usual two weeks to read my latest find but it turns out that once I began reading it, I was hooked and read it in one sitting. So here it is. Of all the books I’ve read recently besides the Bible, this is one  I plan on giving to several people in my life.

I believe its true that each new generation finds it’s voice. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to read some amazing books from many authors whose writings are shaping up to be the voices of this generation. Jeff Kinley certainly has contributed significantly to this collection of modern Christian thought with his newest offering: The Christian Zombie Killer’s Handbook.
I know what you’re thinking. A catchy title cooked up just to sell books to zombie and vampire crazed teenagers, I get it. But, this book really has teeth if you’ll pardon the pun. Don’t read this book if you want a good laugh. Don’t read this book if you want a casual encounter with Christianity. Don’t read this book unless you have a few hours to spare because not only will you not be able to put it down, you won’t walk away from it without your eyes opened and your soul trembling.
Kinley’s premise of a zombie living in all of us isn’t merely a gimmick, it’s a fantastic way to use a modern obsession to illustrate just how truly nasty and disgusting the human heart really is apart from God. Written in story form with truly deep and soul-wrenching discussions after each chapter, I really found this to be a difficult book to read. Not because of the writing, which is superb, but it has a way of forcing a person to look at themselves in a way they’d really rather not.
Our culture has embraced and embedded the notion that we are all “basically good” and that we are all beautiful and wonderful and special! There is not one iota of that kind of talk in Kinley’s message to us. On the contrary, he tells us all that we harbor within us from birth is an ugly, stinking pit, which is ruled by a zombie like being, hell-bent on our destruction and separation from God – and the zombie is us. But keep reading! There’s hope.

One more thing; If you’re anything like me, you will be tempted to read the truths of this book and search your mind for people in your life that match Kinley’s descriptions. Don’t. Be brave and turn that mirror on yourself.