Peace vs Spin

We as a generation hold a PhD in spin. Since the original sin in the Garden of Eden, we’ve practiced the art of “spin”. We spin our goods, services, and work, our social standing, families, our achievements and our failures. We wear certain clothes, drive certain cars, live in certain houses and even attend certain churches in order to convince others and ourselves that we are good. We even spin ourselves to God.
It started with Adam in the garden. Soon after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam, while hiding his nakedness from God, tried to manipulate the facts of his downfall by blaming the woman “which you gave me” (Genesis 3:12). He blamed the woman, and God and so “spin” was born.
The Bible is choc full of people who spun webs, to themselves, others, and God in order to gain something, yet God Himself is never unclear or misleading in His communication to us. He simply states: I am God and you are not. He does not promise high position, earthly riches, health, ease, or even happiness; all of the things that man, in his sin, has offered to others and believed in for himself. God, on the other hand, only promises peace.
Peace from what? From self-doubt, fear, torment, loneliness, guilt, bitterness, envy, strife, hate, greed, shall I go on? Let’s not forget the big one, eternal damnation. Instead He offers us a peace unexplainable in whatever situation we find ourselves in.  There is great comfort in that. Jesus said, “Go in peace” (Mark 5:34, Luke 7:50, Luke 8:48) three different times in the Bible after healing someone. He didn’t say, “Go celebrate!” He sent them away with peace. He said, “Peace be with you”(Luke 24:36, John 20:19,21,26) four times in greeting or farewell. Again he blesses those around Him with peace. Jesus also instructed His disciples what to say upon entering a house. He told them to say, “May peace be on this house!” (Luke 10:5).  He was intensely interested in planting and cultivating a culture of peace. In the entirety of the Bible the word “Peace” is mentioned approximately 283 times. It seems to me, God is big on this subject. It’s what he wants for all His children.
Yet, we hide from that peace. We fool ourselves, and others into believing what we cannot face and do not want others to see. Our sins are forgiven us, but still we hide them away as if to confess them honestly, nakedly, before God would be the end of us. So, we spin and spin and spin and rationalize and hide and mask who and what we truly are. Sinners. Nothing more, nothing less.
It is when we flee from accountability, to ourselves, each other, and God, that we lose our peace.