Book Review: Re-Created for Greatness – A Difficult Read

“If you truly are seeking your promised glory in heaven, journey through the pages of this book to discover some of the things you need to know and practice to ensure your promised glory.”

Re-Created for Greatness by Francis BoafoThe Booksneeze blurb for this selection states that this is a book of discovery; a book that will show you how to ensure your promised glory. To be honest, I found it to be not to my liking as a literary offering. Perhaps it is because it is written by someone whose voice and mind are so different from the American mindset I am used to. It’s writing is very sincere and passionate but lacks clarity and succinctness. It was, for me, difficult to finish.

I have the feeling that most of the book’s content was taken directly from sermons delivered by the writer to his congregation, which is fine, but it translates roughly and awkwardly. It has a rambling tone in which the message gets lost.

I have no doubt that were I invited to hear Mr. Boafo speak I would find the experience uplifting and instructional. Unfortunately, that same experience does not transfer well to the pages of this book. If you have purchased it, I recommend that you do a little research about the author, Francis Boafo to better understand him and his passionate ministry. Perhaps that will help you to gain more insight from his book than I was able to get.