Prayer: Accessing the “God Line”

One of the most common activities of Christianity is prayer. I don’t know of a denomination that doesn’t actively and frequently tap into the God line on a daily basis. The Bible has a lot to say about prayer and a lot of examples of what prayer can do in a person’s life. It also has some great examples of what can happen when we don’t keep our line of communication open with God. David wrote songs to God, Moses spent huge chunks of time in God’s presence to the exclusion of all else including food and water. Jesus would drop what he was doing just to go and seek His Father’s counsel and I think, find rest in the presence of God.

I get this picture in my mind of our spirits being like a rechargeable battery. If we don’t plug into the source once in a while we can go We all need recharging now and then.dead. Prayer is our way of tapping into the source of our life and our faith in order to recharge, seek answers, unload a heavy heart, and just let God know how much we love him and appreciate His presence in our lives.  God LOVES to be praised and prayer is a wonderful and personal way to do that. Sometimes when I’m moved by a beautiful sunset or particularly spectacular storm I find myself sending a little prayer of praise and gratitude to the One who painted the sunset and unleashed the storm.

Some people believe you need to pray certain words or certain ways. Some people believe that only prayers that you say out loud get heard. Others feel the best prayers are the ones prayed “in the spirit.” My personal feeling on the matter is that God is a pretty big person and I don’t think He’s gonna ignore the sincere prayer of his child just because it didn’t come in the right format. The best advice concerning prayer that I ever got is to just do it. Start talking to God. You can pretty much do it anywhere but if you pray in your car, remember to keep your eyes open and your hands on the steering wheel. Over time, you will find that you feel more comfortable and open when you pray and you’re better able to express your feelings. Some Christians call this a “prayer life.” I’m not really fond of all of the catch phrases that Christianity has these days but I suppose it’s as good a way to describe it as any. Prayer is a lot like anything else in life. The more you do it the better you get at doing it.