Courage vs Blundering

Here’s the scenario; you’re in a social situation, either real life or virtual life (meaning like Facebook or some other social media place) and the conversation turns to “religion” or more specifically, Christianity. You, yourself just happen to be a real live walking, talking Christian. Do you take the bait? Do you stand up for your faith and represent? Or do you stay in the background and observe and then later in your car or offline you spout all the things you “would have said” or “could have said” if you’d had the courage?

I recently was in a virtual social situation and blundered in where angels fear to tread and spoke up for my Christian faith. It was a post by my daughter on her Facebook page that kicked it all off. She posted some comments about how Christianity is becoming a dirty word in the US and how she felt about that. It wasn’t long before a few of her Facebook friends chimed in and began giving a rather slanted and inaccurate chronology of Christianity based mostly on the heinous behavior of the Catholic church back in the bad old days of the Inquisition.

I, of course, jumped in with both feet! After all, they were attacking one of my chicks and mother hens don’t go in for no messing with baby chicks! There was also the issue of the gross inaccuracies being stated by these very earnest young people about a subject I consider near and dear to my heart; my faith.

At first I felt it was going well for my side. My daughter and I were doing a bang-up job of ‘defending the faith” and exposing the holes in our attacker’s claims. Then the discussion started to get a little more difficult. My daughter’s friends started to bring up “inconsistencies” in the Bible. To be honest, not only was I not aware of some of the verses they were quoting as being inconsistent with other verses given earlier in the Bible but I had no idea how to defend or explain them, although, while furiously clicking away on my web browser to get some semblance of an argument together I not only learned a thing or two but I felt I was doing a great job of dispelling these misstatements of facts.

Then things began to get even more difficult as the young people involved in the discussion started to come up with some real tough ones! I just couldn’t open enough new tabs or find enough available resources to make a valid argument. At this point, I admit, I caved. Claiming my impending visit to the DMV, I bowed out of the discussion and have not yet returned (she bows her head in shame). But it really got me thinking about the kind of courage it takes to stand up for what you believe in when what you believe is considered a myth, a scourge on society, or just plain silly in a post-modern world.

I wish I had been smarter. I wish I had been braver. I wish I had been like Martin Luther or Paul or some other great hero of the faith. The fact is, however, I was not, and what’s worse, I left one of my baby chicks alone to defend her faith all by herself! Shame on me! God has a way of using these little defeats though, and that’s where I find myself. I may have lost this little battle but the war rages on and next time I find myself in such a situation like this ( and I know there will definitely be a next time) I plan to be prepared to be not only courageous but armed. To the teeth.