Guest Post: Christian is a ‘Four Letter Word’

As a follow up to last week’s post on Courage, I encouraged (pun intended) my daughter to expound on the comment she made on her facebook page that kicked off such a lively debate. The following is what she wrote…

I have been noticing more and more lately that “Christian” has become synonymous with “right-wing, Republican, judgmental, stereotyping, racist, opinionated a**hole.” I have become hesitant to claim my beliefs to others for fear of instantly being typecast as “one of them.” In the popular mind, Christianity has done an about-face… in the 50’s and 60’s, anyone who wasn’t a Christian was suspect of being some sort of social deviant, a communist, or worse. Now, Christians are believed to be archaic throwbacks who refuse to assimilate to modern culture, who hate everyone who is not like themselves, and wish to push their old-fashioned, stupid beliefs onto unwilling victims. In short, Christian has become synonymous with hate.

But assuming that all Christians act and believe this way is like saying all dogs are potential killers, or all women are crazy. It’s a gross generalization, and it’s patently untrue. Unfortunately, popular media has done everything in it’s power to vilify Christians. And plenty of corrupt, twisted people have sullied the good name of Christianity by using it to further their agendas of hate. Everywhere you look, you see “Christians” hating on homosexuals, immigrants, people of different religions, people of different socio-economic backgrounds, women, “liberals”, soldiers… If there is a group of people that don’t follow the standard of one white man married to one white women with 2 and a half kids and a dog who go to church on Sunday and forget about God all week, chances are you’ll probably find another group tagging along behind them,claiming to be Christians and hating on them.

The truth is, most of us aren’t like that. Most of us love God, and therefore do our best to love our gay, immigrant, Muslim, poor, and liberal neighbors as we love ourselves. My DaughterMost of us do our best to quietly serve our friends and neighbors, our communities, regardless of our differences. We try to model Jesus to the rest of the world. But we also keep our mouths shut for fear of being labeled “one of them.” It’s time to stop letting the world put us in a box. It’s time to stop being afraid of being labeled. It’s hindering our ability to share Jesus with the world. It’s hindering our ability to walk in our faith.

I am a single mother. And I’m a Christian.
I have fire engine red hair. And I’m a Christian.
I have good friends who I love dearly who are gay. And I’m a Christian.
I voted for Obama. And I’m a Christian.
I am not a stereotype. I am a follower of a man named Jesus Christ.

Who are you?

Scriptures to ponder:
Matthew 10:16-36
Matthew 7:16
Matthew 7:21-23