The Easy Life is Not So Easy

Turn on your TV, read the newspaper, go to your favorite online news magazine and there they are, the less fortunate of the world. They live in exotic places like Africa, South America, or even China. Their faith is an underground thing that they guard and sometimes even defend with their lives. Lives lived in poverty we cannot even fully comprehend. And yet, they are richer than many of us even dare to dream. Their faith is a fabric of rich cloth that binds and protects them just as it did the early Church in places like Rome and Ephesus, and Jerusalem. Did you know that in China, Christians pray for us to have more oppression and struggle in our lives here in America?

Why on earth would good Christians do this? I mean, how rude! Don’t they see how good we’ve got it over here? We are the ones who send Bibles to the Congo and prepare special Christmas gift boxes for needy children all over the world. We’re the ones who will do the praying for YOU thankyouverymuch!

Easy Button

The Easy Life Isn't That Easy

Yet, for all our riches and comparatively easy lives, our faith, the most valuable and costly thing a human can own is a paltry and weak veil even within the Church. We are much like the Church in Sardis that Jesus sends a letter to through John in Revelation 3;1-6.

But in our defense, there are real dangers in comfort and freedom. Again and again throughout the Old Testament we see the nation of Israel at its worst when things are good. It’s when their lives are easy that they let down their guard and Satan goes to work, tempting them further and further over the line.

Think of all the things we American Christians bicker over amongst ourselves and all of the things we allow to occur within our meeting places. Our dangers do not come to us in the form of oppressive governments or rebel forces. Our dangers creep into us through the culture around us that steals the loyalty and love of our children, our spouses, even our churches.

Should we continue to pray for relief for our brothers and sisters in other lands? Yes, and add one more church to your prayer list. Pray for the Church in America, that she be strong enough to withstand the easy life, the wide road.