We Are…

If you’ve stumbled over this blog and are curious, let me tell you a little about it and me. I am a Christian. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “conservative” or “liberal” Christian, just your basic type of believer. I haven’t got it all figured out but I do know one thing. There’s too many voices on both sides of the faith yelling at each other over the top of my head and most of the rest of us basic Christians too.
We may have had different religious experiences and teachings but we all read from basically the same Bible, believe in the same God, and the same Jesus. We read dozens of books about the faith written by scholars and people with degrees in divinity, theology, apologetics, and the like and some of them are really good. The problem for most of us is that these very knowledgeable and well-meaning leaders of the faithful seem to have forgotten a few things, like what its like to be in the trenches of every-day faith.
Some of us are new to all of this and have a thousand questions. Some of us faithfully read the Bible and try to make sense of it all and would like to do so without having to subject ourselves to someone’s agenda and religio-political view point. We want plain, simple answers to some plain, simple questions about what it says in the Bible, what we’re supposed to do with it and what it looks like in real life to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

That’s where “Your Basic Christian” comes in. This blog is an effort to provide a non-affiliated, non-judgemental place for any Christian, anywhere to ask, read, learn, and share with other basic Christians. The topics we’re going to discuss are the Bible, faith-based books,  popular culture and how to navigate it in faith and some politics and their effect on our faith. We might even throw in a few humorous things just for fun.

If this sounds like a good conversation to you then, please, join in, speak your mind, be respectful of the views of others and open to new ideas from everywhere. Together we can start a new conversation about Christianity that is more from the heart than the head and more from the pews than the pulpit.
One more thing. We’re not looking to debate the existence of God. For us, that question has already been answered. if you are a seeker looking for answers, welcome. If you are a died-in-the-wool, non-believer who’s just looking to stir the pot for no good reason please consider finding another blog (or starting your own) that is more in line with your beliefs (or lack thereof).