Book Review: A Shot of Faith To The Head by Mitch Stokes

Now that I’ve had some time to recover from the pulled muscle my brain suffered while reading this book, a few thoughts. Mitch Stokes proclaims that we can be “a confident believer in an age of cranky Atheists.” The thing is, I think it’s going to take a few more reads of his book in order for me to be “confident” that I even understand his concepts.

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I do feel like I got some good concepts from the book such as a view of how truly philosophical Atheists think and reason and I’m very fond of Stokes theory of a Sanctus Divinatus residing within all of us and just needing a good waking up by the Holy Spirit. Some of the problems I had were in it’s pace. While most scholars and advanced philosophers might breeze through this and consider it light reading. I felt like I needed a bit more time to consider some of Stokes’ points before tackling the next.

That’s not to say I didn’t like and enjoy reading it but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone in search of a “light read.” I would, however recommend it for a group study such as a book club in which each point could be carefully discussed and understood. I’m wondering if there’s a study guide with this book.

Definitely consider reading this book. Just be warned that it’s a hard nut to crack and if you’re not careful, you might break a tooth, or strain a muscle, like I did.