The Worship Team

Sunday about 8:30 AM, I’m standing outside of the little white schoolhouse where my Church holds services every Sunday waiting to tote in my mic stand, music stand and bag of various and sundry cords, guitar straps and other miscellany associated with being part of the worship team for our church. My husband and I eventually haul in the soundboard box, two PA speakers and a lot of other interesting doo-dads.

After connecting the dots on all of this electronic mayhem, and with the other two members of our little team assembled, we start a quick rehearsal of the day’s song choices. Some hymns, a few songs from the Jesus Movement and Maranatha! Music, and a few I’ve managed to sneak in that are a bit more, well, 21st century.

One scary place!

Finally, we finish the run-through, all of the levels are now adjusted on our in-ear monitoring packs and it’s time to socialize. Our new monitors were a real blessing considering that our congregation of about 40-50 people, squeezed into an old historic one-room schoolhouse, can really raise the roof once they get going. It used to be that the poor worship team couldn’t even tell if it was singing in the right key!

Socializing now done, its time for the first song. This is when it hits me. That ton-of-lead-in-the-stomach feeling that I get even though I’ve been a part of two different worship teams over the past 5 years now. I mean, no one’s ever made the mistake of comparing me to Mandisa (and I doubt they ever will), but I can sing in tune and generally keep up with the beat, but every time I get up in front of people and stick a microphone in my face I get a burning desire to run out the back door and hide in the nearby oleander bush.

I ask myself a lot of questions about why I do this every Sunday. Am I doing it because I want to serve the Lord, or am I doing it for my own vanity? What would happen if I quit? After all, I’ve got quite a bit on my “God plate” that keeps me busy. In addition to the worship team I also designed and maintain the church website, put together the PowerPoint slides for the worship, I’m writing a book for new Christians, and, oh yes, I write this blog.

I’m not telling you, dear reader, all of these things just to toot my own horn. I’m not real comfortable with doing that. I just believe in using all of the gifts God gave me to serve Him. Ask me to prepare and host a church luncheon? Probably not a good idea since I’m a marginal cook. Help maintain the flower beds on the church grounds? You really don’t want me within striking distance of any growing thing with a hose or gardening gloves since I’ve been known to slaughter whole bushes!

There are a lot of things that are associated with church service that I’m not really gifted for and even though each Sunday I have to fight off the urge to bolt from the stage and I regularly question whether my motives for continuing in this ministry are Godly, each Sunday I do my best to lead our lovely small church into the throne room and I guess I’ll continue to do so until God tells me He’s got something else for me to do.

The thing is, somehow I ended up on this stage and I have to believe that for now, it’s where He wants me. There was no flash of lightning nor did the clouds part and the heavens open up to the sound of a booming voice commanding me to “singeth thou unto the Lord!” Instead, it was a combination of small, unusual events that got me here. God is like that sometimes. He nudges, pokes, and gently guides us to where he wants us. Our job is just to go, move, and do.

So what are your gifts? Where do you feel called to serve? Are you doing it? How do you feel about it?