5 Little Known Facts About The Bible

Recently, I’ve been watching a series of great videos taken in an actual class at Calvary Chapel Bible College.  I’m an incurable student and my favorite subject is the Bible.  The subject of the class I’ve been peeking in on is called History of Redemption, a lecture series given in 14 parts.  So far, I’ve watched the first two videos and I have already gained a new insight and appreciation for the Bible.
I got so excited by what I’ve learned that I decided I needed to share it with, well, you!  So here are 5 apparently little-known facts that I just learned about the Bible:

  1. Did you know that every single book in the Bible is a representation of Christ?
  2. Did you know that there are approximately 4,000 references to Old Testament scriptures in the New Testament?
  3. When God does a work he does it progressively. He does this on a small scale, person to person, and on a large scale, age to age.  It’s easy to view God as this ancient guy, who only participated in events of the past, but the truth is, He is active today, in us and around us.
  4. From the fall to the Incarnation God the Father was working.
    From the Incarnation to the Cross God the Son was working.
    From the Cross-until now, God’s Holy Spirit has been working.
  5. The Bible can also be seen as a 5 act play:

Act 1 – God Builds The Nation:

1.         The Patriarchs are Chosen – Gen 12:50 Abram, Isaac, Jacob
2.         A Tribal Framework is Established – Gen 30 – Seventy go to Egypt
3.         The Multiplication of God’s People – Exodus 1:7-20
4.         A Leader is Chosen – (Moses) Exodus 2 – 4
5.         Deliverance out from Egypt – Exodus 5-15
6.         A Law/Constitution for the Nation – Exodus 20
7.         Entering and Possessing the Land – Joshua
8.         The 12 States (tribes) Lack Unity – Judges
9.         Samuel the Prophet Unifies the Nation- 1 Samuel 1-7
10.      The First Monarch (Saul) 1 Samuel 8 – 13
11.      The Theocracy (David & Son) 1 Samuel 16 to 1 Kings 10

Act 2 – God Scatters The Nation

1 Kings 11 through 2 Chronicles 36

931 BC Division of Israel and Judah
722 BC Assyria Judges Israel
586 BC Babylon Judges Judah

Act 3 – God Regathers The Nation

The books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther

Act 4 – God Builds The Church

Jesus Builds a New Channel from the Seeds of Israel

Acts 1-7 Jerusalem the Jews through Peter
Acts 8-12 Antioch, A transition from Jew to Gentile, Through Barnabas.
Acts 13-28 Rome, the Gentiles, through Paul

Act 5 – The Final Act – The King Returns

The Book of Revelation, yet to be accomplished.

So what did I learn from all of this?  I’ve learned that we are all a part of these events.  Abraham may have lived thousands of years ago, but his story is continued through me and through the church.  God is at work, right now to complete the story and start a new book, one that won’t include the old sin and the old mistakes.

This knowledge really gives new meaning to each passage of scripture I read and even the way I view God.  I can’t wait to learn more and I hope to share it with you as I go along.