So I’ve been absent for awhile.  Part of the reason for that was by choice, part by circumstance.  The choice part was a deliberate need to be silent and hear what God would say to me on several questions I’d been asking;  was I really a good writer? Is this what God wanted me to be doing?  Was I doing it for His glory or mine?  The thing about asking God questions is that you can’t force him to give you an answer when you want it.  It’s a lot like a parent telling their child to be patient. When I was a child that was the worst thing you could say to me.  I wanted answers and I wanted them NOW!  I actually learned to be patient so I could prove my parents wrong when they told me I had none – patience that is.

h68F3C413But I digress!  (I love saying that) The point is, it took a lot of prayer, silence and yes, patience on my part in order to receive an answer.  What was the answer?  Simple. Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for good for those that love Him.”  So whether I am “called” to write or not, whatever I do that I do for His glory, God will bless and use.

So instead of second-guessing ourselves, and God, we need to be doing what our heart tells us will glorify Him. Let God sort it all out and use what he will.  It’s very possible that I may write and write in this blog and in the book I intend to finish one day and it will all fall on deaf ears except for one sentence. Maybe even one word that reaches the right ear at the right moment and for one life it makes all the difference in the world.  I pray daily for even that little bit to be so.  In the mean time, I will write again, and again until – well, the Lord stops me or takes me home.