Planet Explodes, God Smiles

asteroid_beltRecently my planet exploded and I’ve been busy trying to collect and organize the pieces so I can glue them back together again. My marriage is ending and I’ve had to take up residence on the couch of a friend. In another city. With only my suitcase, my computers, and my car. It puts me in mind of a an asteroid debris field that is spread out along the track of its normal orbit.  It’s all still there in a way, but its loose and disconnected with large chunks colliding with other chunks creating even more of a mess. Is this fixable? Will it ever be the same planet with all the continents in their same geographical location? It’s clear now that the answer to that is no. It may be possible to reconstruct a new planet from what is left and useable from the old, but many of the continents will very likely either shrink in size or cease to exist altogether.

What do you do when your world has shattered? What pieces do you save?

While I’m going through this world rebuilding process, however I can’t help but feel loose and unconnected to anything.  All routines broken, many dear connections lost, many sweet activities discontinued. I don’t think God minds, though.  I think he hates stagnation and rust.  I think it grieves him more to see a relationship continue in its same broken orbit than it does for that world to be shattered so that he can remake it into something better.  The mystery is in how that new planet will look and what from the old one will be used.  I guess the trick is to let go of all the broken mess and let God’s hands do the rebuilding.