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Hurling Sharp Objects

Dear LGBT men and women around the world, I love you.  I love you the way Jesus loves you.  With his whole heart.  I do not think you’re going to hell, if you… Continue reading

Watering Down Hell

I don’t get it. In Christianity (the last time I checked) there’s only one Bible. Can we agree on that? Good. In my NLT Bible, (New Living Translation) I found 7 verses in… Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade…Keep the Faith!

Read the whole story here…

Don’t Stop Now!

I got a lot of criticism from family and friends for supporting the efforts of Invisible Children to bring Joseph Kony to justice. They called me, and the movement naive and foolish. Some… Continue reading

Jesus Doesn’t Want To Heal You… | Ragamuffin Soul

One of my favorite people (and musicians) Carlos Whittaker had a great post on his blog today. Check it out!   Jesus Doesn’t Want To Heal You… | Ragamuffin Soul.

The View From Different Pews

A recent article in Christianity Today as well as a blog post on the Blue Like Jazz Tumblr site have raised some interesting and disturbing issues within the realm of “Christianity”. The recent… Continue reading