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Letting It Go

A War on Two Fronts How does one fight the very thing that contains us? We are born as flesh and then if we heed the call, we are born of Spirit. For… Continue reading

People of the Bible: Samson

Every year, like many of you, I start a “read through the bible in a year” plan and every year I learn something different that I can add to what I learned the… Continue reading

On The Edge (With More Than We Can Handle)

There you sit on the edge of your seat in the theatre.  Your pulse races as you hold tight to the arms of your chair, waiting for that great Hollywood ending where the… Continue reading

A New Story

So we’ve talked about not being the star of your own story, we’ve talked about the stories we create for other people, and how they create stories about us.  But what about the… Continue reading

Same Old Story (Revisited)

Funny how you write something, let it loose on the world and then realize you weren’t done with it.  Hence, this post.  I talked a lot about the old stories of our ‘glory… Continue reading

Same Old Story

I keep running into Christian books that talk about ‘story’ lately. I even caught a sermon series by Pastor Steven Furtick about writing a better story recently where he talks about the Bible… Continue reading