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My email in-box is a scary place. More often than not it’s crowded with junk, “special offers,” daily devotionals I signed up to read but never seem to get around to reading and… Continue reading


I’m turning 50 in about three weeks and for the past two weeks I’ve been feeling like a has-been that never-was. Consequently, I’ve been having the biggest pity-party on the planet and I… Continue reading

We Are…

If you’ve stumbled over this blog and are curious, let me tell you a little about it and me. I am a Christian. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “conservative” or “liberal” Christian,… Continue reading

She Died Today

Today she died. The woman I have struggled to forgive for so long. She slipped away in her sleep after a short battle with the cancer inside her. How should I feel about… Continue reading

An experiment in egocide, or, getting out of my own way

It’s funny how I can be out milking the goat or raking leaves or just siting, anywhere that’s not in front of my computer and I can think of all kinds of great… Continue reading