Planet Explodes, God Smiles

Recently my planet exploded and I’ve been busy trying to collect and organize the pieces so I can glue them back together again. My marriage is ending and I’ve had to take up… Continue reading


My email in-box is a scary place. More often than not it’s crowded with junk, “special offers,” daily devotionals I signed up to read but never seem to get around to reading and… Continue reading

Hollywood Endings

…And the bad guys went to jail and the good guys fell in love and got married, “…And they lived happily ever after!”  NOT. At lease not in the world I live in.  In… Continue reading

Lessons From Beethoven

I thought he was crazy. Me? Sing with a symphony? Right.  The North State Symphony was set to perform Beethoven’s 9th symphony, complete with soloists and a choral section.  My husband was encouraging,… Continue reading


So I’ve been absent for awhile.  Part of the reason for that was by choice, part by circumstance.  The choice part was a deliberate need to be silent and hear what God would… Continue reading

5 Little Known Facts About The Bible

Recently, I’ve been watching a series of great videos taken in an actual class at Calvary Chapel Bible College.  I’m an incurable student and my favorite subject is the Bible.  The subject of… Continue reading