Book Review: A Shot of Faith To The Head by Mitch Stokes

Now that I’ve had some time to recover from the pulled muscle my brain suffered while reading this book, a few thoughts. Mitch Stokes proclaims that we can be “a confident believer in… Continue reading

Between Two Worlds

On Sundays I sing with my church worship team. Yup. This little introvert gets up, grabs a mike and sings for all she’s worth. What do we sing? Hymns, Maranatha music, and once… Continue reading

We Are…

If you’ve stumbled over this blog and are curious, let me tell you a little about it and me. I am a Christian. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “conservative” or “liberal” Christian,… Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade…Keep the Faith!

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Musicians are always seeking to rise above the technicalities of their instruments, the notes on the staff, and their skill with both. To achieve this, they spend long hours practicing scales until their… Continue reading

Don’t Stop Now!

I got a lot of criticism from family and friends for supporting the efforts of Invisible Children to bring Joseph Kony to justice. They called me, and the movement naive and foolish. Some… Continue reading